Kaua'i Portrait Photographer


I specialize in natural light, landscape-style portraiture on the island of Kaua'i, in the Hawaiian islands. What I mean by "Landscape-style" is, I'm an adventurer by nature. Long before I ever owned a camera, there's nothing i'd enjoy more than a good hike & using my phone to capture the scenery along the way. With my portrait photo experiences, I incorporate nature in a captivating way while never missing those precious moments of you & your loved ones. Lets talk story!




Krysta & John

We had so much fun doing our photoshoot with Brandon! He taught us about Hawaiian culture and some of the plants we saw, spent so much time with us and made the whole experience more fun than you would expect a photoshoot to be. Not to mention the incredible photos we got from it! He definitely exceeded expectations 10/10 would recommend

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